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Mansoon Mangoes -Malayalam Movie Review

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All aspiring and wannabe film makers, do find some time from your busy schedule to watch Monsoon Mangoes. At the very outset, let me put it straight. Its a movie that runs on a very leisurely pace and also its a product which is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Having made a request for people who have cinema in their minds and are dreaming and making efforts to make an entry into the world of cinema to watch Monsoon Mangoes, let me also convey to you that the film doesn’t teach you how to make a film. Nor does it show the nuances involved in movie making.

D.P Pallickal, the leading man is highly passionate about cinema and wants to make a film different from the commercial films. His thinking is different and his cinema is also different. The story focus on this individual and show how he goes about in the business. Whether he can be successful and can attain glory, well for knowing that you should watch the film.

Abi Varghese who made a mark through Akkara Kazchakal, a situational comedy series that was broadcasted in Kairali channel deserves appreciation for trying different and be experimental. The way in which the story is executed is a deviation from the usual pattern of Mollywood. How far it can convince and impress the audience is a different proposition but the out of the box thinking definitely deserve a big applause.

Abi uses spoof and sarcasm throughout the film. I would say the slow first half is a disappointment but once Pallikal starts shoot for his new film within the film, MM gained some momentum.

Also as a motivational film, Monsoon Mangoes stress on things like “Cinema is not bigger than life, its the life itself which is much bigger than Cinema”. These things though gave a preachy feel, one cannot discard these inspirational lines.

Dialogues were cool with a humerous tone. Cinematography was pretty decent and BGM was apt. Synch sound was used quite effectively.

One cannot ignore the performance of Fahadh Fazil here. Even if the film is not able woo the audience to the theatre, I would say his effort in front of the camera was a treat to watch that should not go unnoticed.

Vijay Raz really did a brilliant act. Alicier Lay, Vinay Fort, Nandu and Thambi Antony played their supporting part quite nicely. A brief role for Tovino Thomas.

For the mass audience, Monsoon Mangoes will be a discomfort with its pacing and way of story telling. I am not sure how this film is going to fare and whether it will be to your liking but personally I really loved Fahadh’s performance, part of the initial stages and the complete second half. I will go with three out of five as my personal rating for Abi Varghese’s Monsoon Mangoes which has freshness in it.

Rating – 3 / 5

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