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Pavaada – Malayalam Movie Review

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We cannot write off anyone. Thats the first thing thats poping into my mind after watching the film Paavada. G. Marthandan who had to his credit couple of miserable films like Daivathintay Swantham Cleetus and Achadin comes back strong with this Prithviraj flick which in terms of content and presentation is miles ahead of the two movies previously made by the director.

Its not a great film but with a good and strong base in the form of an appealing storyline, the film can appeal to the masses and youth as well as family audience.

The story revolves around an alcoholic named Joy who is nicknamed Pambu Joy. Joy is married to a nurse and the story trace back some past incidents that paved the way for the protagonist leading a wayward life.

Marthandan hasn’t done any deviation when it comes to the narrative part. He had a strong story with a free flowing screenplay that helped on its way to making Pavada a good entertainer.

Concentrating more on humour and fun, its the latter half that makes its way to a touching story. On the flip side, there are some cliches and melodrama in the latter stages but the climax and the final court scenes were shot well.

The beginning title credits makes a statement that the story happens way before all the bars were closed down in the state. Yes, major part of the story has an alcoholic backdrop with the two leading men in the story mostly under the influence of drinks.

Who says Prithviraj cannot do humour. Paavada should make an end to such a notion. He has definitely done his homework well and makes an excellent performance as Pambu Joy. Showing no signs of uneasiness with comedy in the first half, the guy just transformed quickly into a serious mode and brought out some fine moments on the emotional side after the interval and in the final stages of the film.

Anoop Menon as Paavada Babu played a perfect foil to Prithviraj and their combination scenes is a major highlight. Nedumudy Venu, Raju, Siddhique, Sudheer Karamana, Sharafudheen and Chemban Vinod are the notable actors who impressed me among the supporting actors. Among the females, Miya was okay in her portrayal of Joy’s wife and Asha Sharath came up with a career best role after Dhrishyam.

Cinematography was okay and cuts were also not bad. Background score was not upto the standards set by Gopi Sundar but nevertheless were not irritating stuff. Songs were notable along with their visuals.

Helped by smart and lively screenplay with good humour, drama, emotion and some notable acting from the main as well as supporting actors, Paavada should be a major relief for its director to come out from the failure side and finally see one of his film doing well and making a better impact at the all important box office. I am recommending the film to all with my personal rating pegged at three and a half out of five.

Rating – 3.5 / 5

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