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Mangalyam ThanthuNanena  Review

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Touted as a colourful family entertainer, the debut work of Soumya Sadanandan turns out to be a half baked attempt. With a heap of cliches and also situations which are highly predictable, Mangalyam ThanthuNanena at best is an average film that cannot be portrayed as an outright disappoinment but do not reach its intended destination in the end.

Roy and Clara are the two principal characters in the film out of which film is focused primarily on the male protagonist. The film begin with a song and the backdrop is Roy and Clara’s colourful wedding. The real story begins after three months post-marriage where Roy is in the middle of a financial crisis trying desperately to make both ends meet. While he is struggling to repay his debts, piling on his misery is that he becomes jobless after marriage. What the film is portraying is Roy’s attempt to come out of the crisis and also his efforts to balance his family life.

There are light-hearted as well as emotional moments blended with humour narrated in a familiar template. But the problem with the film is its weak screenplay that fails to make a convincing presentation to justify the causes of Roy’s present crisis and the effort he puts in to recover from his agonies. Also the humour elements which form an integral part in movies of this genre didn’t work out and doesn’t taste success.

The plot that has a proximity to some films that have come out of Mollywood previously demanded a more stronger screenplay for an effective portrayal of the woes faced by the protagonist. Inspite of these shortfalls, the film has its moments too. Roy and Clara portrayed by Kunchacko and Nimisha Sajayan respectively who were paired for the first time shared a beautiful chemistry between them. The drama forming part of the climax portions were touchy enough and was conceived and visualised quite well.

Character of Roy was in a safe pair of hands. Kunchacko effortlessly portrayed it and considering the fact this role was similar to what the actor has done before, there was no risk element involved in it. Nimisha Sajayan made the best use of the available space for her in the screenplay to come up with a gracious act. Her performance towards the end where the couples are part of a combination scene was really good.

Shantikrishna who is making sure that these type of mother’s role is her forte in her new innings did a clean act on the supporting side. There is also a long lineup of supporting actors like Vijayaraghavan, Salim Kumar, Alencier Lay, Kochu Preman, Sunil Sugadha, Chempil Asokan, Rony David, Leona Lishoy but all of them looked like they were cramped for lack of space in an over-crowded bus. Hareesh Kanaaran with his familiar one-liners were good in parts as the humour in the film didn’t make a strong impression.

If you are looking for a film which follow the same old formulaic route packaged in a very familiar format to entertain the audience, you can try this one. There are jokes, emotional scenes, good chemistry between the lead actors and some sensible drama towards the end but the backing of a strong screenplay is missing. That puts Mangalyam ThanthuNanena on a sticky wicket without tasting much success in the end.

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