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Padayottam -Movie Review

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There is utter chaos and confusion within the film and between the characters which are deliberately created to distribute and spread the fun element to the length and breadth of the movie. There is no dearth of humour and entertainment in debutant director Rafeek Ibrahim’s Padayottam, which has non-stop and uninterrupted fun right from the word go till the culmination of the film. It’s not that easy to create genuine laughs and that too for a majority of the running time with black humour and jokes but Padayottam did exactly that.

There is a funny character named Pinku played by Basil Joseph (director of Kunjiramaayanam & Godha). The wafer thread story of Padayottam gets into the next gear through one of the acts by Pinki that converts this film from a gangster comedy to a road trip. So Pinki’s friends Senan, Sree and Renju are on a journey to Kasargod from Thiruvananthapuram in search of something. And they have our protagonist Chenkal Reghu, a goon accompanying them who adds more wit and life into their journey. This road trip of the four to Kasargod is what Padayottam portray around a humourous backdrop.

The very first scene of the film convey what rest of the screenplay has to offer. There are numerous occasions that paves the way for outright laugh, thanks to the smartly packaged script. But having said that, Padayottam is not entirely flawless and it do face hiccups at times. For me the entire first half was thoroughly entertaining while the initial moments after the break does gets a little bit scratchy.

But the good thing here is that the screenplay was able to turn its table upside down from such a position to end on a convincing fashion. Few surprises,twists and turns towards the latter stages makes the film more engaging and raise the interest level. Use of slang and their rendition was effectively utilized for the betterment of the whole movie and to make the comic aspects work out well. Addition of certain characters along the journey synchronized aptly with the story. Lijo Pellissery’s Britto and Hareesh Kanaran’s Rathish are fine examples of characters joining midway through the film without much requirement for the plot but the scenes they were part of were funny enough.

Chenkal Reghu, the good hearted goon was safe in the hands of Biju Menon. With the Trivandrum slang that at times shifted to Palakkadu dialect, the actor was able to emote with the right dose of expressions required for a mass role. Dileesh Pothen, Saiju Kurup and Sudhi Koppa did what was expected from their side to ensure the road trip didn’t become too serious at any point of time. Directors Lijo Pellisseri and Basil Joseph (a suprise package among the actors) were part of very few scenes but they added value on the fun side. Anu Sithara didn’t get enough screen space to perform while Sethulakshmi and Ganapathi were able to make their presence felt even with the script offering them very few scenes.

Satheesh Kurup and Ratheesh Raj, the cameraman and editor respectively have done their job to make the film score well on the technical aspects. Prashant Pillai’s music created a different mood and apt flavour to lift the film. Background score especially the one we hear to boost up the mass image for Reghu was quite good. Personally, loved the marriage eve song which was captured in a single shot.

In a nutshell, Padayottam is a outright fun film that succeeded in creating a jolly mood throughout. There are many instances that creates genuine laughs. Even with a wafer thin story (who cares for the story when the intention of the film is to entertain) the film does impress and is an enjoyable one.

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