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Aniyan Midhun – A Mollywood Celebrity Trainer

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Aniyan Midhun is a multi-skilled military craftsman and likewise the champion of Indian relationship of kickboxing from Kerala. He conceived on eighteenth June 1992 amazed us with his Unique gifts and adaptability. He likewise demonstrated his regular aptitude in Kalari from youthful age itself. He holds a level of BSc Multimedia, yet at the same time he is constantly set to pursue his fantasies and enthusiasm with great assaulting ability. So he dug up himself from sight and sound field to the kick boxing. Aniyan Midhun is additionally a holder of Black belt from Indian relationship of kickboxing association. In 2013-2014, Aniyan Started his Wushu Career. At that year he got a gold decoration in Wushu and went into the title District Wushu Gold Medalist. On 2014-2015, he redesigned his ability to an alternate a measurements. He contended in the Amateur Boxing held at Thrissur and aniyan went down with a Bronze Medal. In 2015-2016 his grip forces and his ability of kick enclosing moved to an alternate measurement by being a State Wushu Player for Kerala. He got a handle on his battling model shape the most well known “Muay Thai Boran Institute at Bulacan”. Aniyan at long last achieved his fantasies by turning into the National Champion of Indian Association of Kick Boxing 2015 at Pune Maharashtra. Aniyan is likewise a no-nonsense Pro contender in KAKO (Keranandu Association of Kick Boxing Organizations). Outside the ring, Aniyan Midhun has demonstrated to the world that he is a straightforward compassionate, he additionally partook in numerous social exercises furthermore amplified the hand towards poor people and vagrants. Continuously exceptional in doing philanthropy works all over Kerala made him a standout amongst the most important helpful definitely, the Aniyan Midhun prepared himself as the best effective warrior in the piece. This straightforward man changes his appearances and humanitarianly concerns when he enters the ring, he kicks up in the ring to his adversary. That was seen by the group of onlookers with even elegance furthermore underpins Aniyan with assortment of serenades. At the point when the chime rang Aniyan begins hitting the dance floor with legs to brings his rival around all methods. Aniyan is an adorable helpful outside the ring yet inside the ring he is a genuine creature. This is not end to Aniyan Midhun. His voyage to the top still proceeds. He is the mentor for some superstars in Malayalam Film industry. Some of his customers are Amith Chakalakkal, Roshan Basheer, Sajin TP, Shafna Nizam and Drishya VR and so forth in Malayalam Film Industry and bunches of national level wushu and kickboxing players from Kerala, Punjab, haryana and so forth furthermore Professional Fighter of Bhuddha Tigers (WUSHU)..He additionally Had Good Deal with Him Too..!!

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