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Kali – a watchable film | Movie Review

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Anger at the tip of your nose does not good to anyone. Its not my finding but a simple truth. Sameer Thahir’s Kali has an angry young man as its protagonist who looses his temper at the slightest of provocation. Kali is a decent movie to watch with Dulquer Salman and Sai Pallavi of Premam fame taking the film forward sharing a good on screen chemistry between them. At the same time Kali is not a great film either but definitely watchable.

Sidharth and Anjali are friends from college days who are now husband and wife. As said, the young man is a bad tempered guy that even a small thing can bring imbalance to his nature. Anjali tries her best to make change in him and make him calm but that nature in Sidharth is something that is inside him from childhood and hence not changeable overnight. A particular incident they end up due to the hot tempered nature of Sidharth is what that forms the basic crux of the remaining part of the film.

Sameer Thahir has divided the film into two parts and given a totally different shade and dimension to the two. The first half for a major time basically show the family life of the couple where Anjali is struggling to control the emotions of her husband. Though they both are happy, the discontent between the two happen only when Sidharth looses his cool.

The latter half deviated from the first half and has a dark shade to it giving more prominence for some thrills. Few more characters are introduced in the process where the film takes the shape of a mini road movie happening towards the night time.

There is not much depth in the story. It try to show a man’s character of anger which lead him to trouble. There are situations in our life where a simple thing towards which we could have closed our eye or ignored gets out of control. Here too the situation is no different. The protagonist realises this fact in the end.

Sameer Thahir who impressed one and all with a visually appealing road movie Neelaakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi that also had Dulquer Salman in the lead on the making side has done a good job. Here too in Kali, the treatment is clean and the execution of the major part of the story that happens on a single night helped the film’s cause for the good.

Dulquer Salman perfectly fitted into the role of Sidharth. The anger coming out of him after a little provocation seemed natural and I felt the role to be one tailor made for him. Sai Pallavi had a great on screen chemistry with Dulquer and as the better half of Sidharth. Her Malayalam dubbing was poor and a bit annoying too but later when we realise that she grew up in Masanakudi, a place close to Tamil speaking area, one could understand that slang was natural to her. But again didn’t find any issue when her parents talked Malayalam, so the diction had its share of trouble.

Vinayakan was highly impressive. The film begin with an incident connected with this man and he made sure his character gelled well with the film. Chemban Vinod after making a good impression in Darwintey Parinaamam makes another notable act though the character in Kali is not that lengthy.

A film these days without Soubin Shahir is unimaginable. Though he didn’t have a big role at his side, his trademark style was visible in each of the scene he was part of. VK Prakash, Vanitha and a few more actors are part of the supporting casts with or without much significance.

Kali is visually appealing as well with neatly executed choreography. Gopi Sundar’s music was okay and his background score gave a different feel to it. Though the use of Chenda in the BGM was something he tried in Puthiya Niyamam, the one in Kali too is good overall.

This film is not a great one with a heavy content but is definitely a watchable film. I didn’t find it a bad one and at less than two hours, Kali didn’t find itself boring for me. Lower your expectation level a bit and then you will find it an okay movie.

You can definitely try Kali for a two hour time pass and the verdict from me is its an above average flick for which I settle for three out of five.

Rating – 3 / 5

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