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Style malayalam movie Review

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From the tagline of the film, it seems the makers of “Style” were taking an anticipatory bail. “The first clichéd film of 2016”, thats what some of the posters said. Fully justifying that tagline, Style present itself as a film with lot of predictability and familiarity when it comes to the plot.

“Ithihasa” was a film that came from nowhere and became a surprise hit. S.Binu who directed Ithihasa return with his second film that has more of style in it just like the title but with little substance. Giving prominence for romance, comedy and action, Style has a storyline where a solo hero by chance gets into the way of a gangster and his gang of goons.

From there on, its a cat and mouse game and ultimately a showdown between the hero and the baddies that all culminates in a familiar fashion. Well, how many times we have seen such flicks more so from Tamil and Hindi films. Not a viewer of Telugu films but from the experience of reading stories of Telugu movies, Style is more suited for those audience who don’t mind watching mass hero boost up with lot of flying action.

Style has given a mass element for the hero character of Tom played by Unni Mukundan. The second half has the hero flexing his muscles to the maximum giving the actor a chance to get into the heart of the masses. Same way, for the baddie Tovino, as the psychic character of Edgar, he was presented with a stylish introduction and also with some good punch situations even though the character has little screen presence compared to Unni Mukundan.

The film takes time to get into a speedy mode with more importance given for the romantic track of Tom and Dia. As usual, its a first sight romance that gets a spark in Tom for Dia and the rest you can imagine and come to your own conclusions. How the romance unfolded was pretty much cliched.

Even if the story had an outdated feel, the script has infused some new generation stuffs that was entrusted to some chunk boys lead by Balu. The funny side of the film was narrated through this gang.

Unni Mukundan more than expressing himself through his acting had to flex his muscles more. In the role of the romantic one with a boy next door image he was just okay but as the action hero he made a good impression of himself. Tovino was a surprise as the villain Edgar and even with less amount of scenes devoted to his character, he was able to make a big impact.

Priya Kandwal as the female lead playing the role of Dia was passable. Master Iihan with his heavy dialogues was a bit too much to tolerate. Balu, Baiju, Vijayaraghavan and a few more actors are there supporting the main actors.

Decent cinematography and not so bad edits. At 154 minutes the film was a tad too lengthy with an extended first half. Jassi Gift is the music director who songs could not make a lasting presence while Rahul Raj has given a heavy and loud background score suiting the nature, feel and tempo of the film.

I wouldn’t say Style is a disappointing movie but with a no substance storyline that has loads of predictable scenes similar to some other language films in the same genre, this is not a must watch one. There are well choreographed action sequences, a little bit to laugh here and there and some entertaining moments but in totality, the film is just average and my personal rating is two and a half out of five

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