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Charlie : A soft silent love story | Review

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All the hype surrounding “Charlie” the latest film from Martin Prakkat reached its full crescendo before its release. Actually, the makers had kept a low profile for the film but it is the fans and the audience that created a big noise about the film creating an impression that something big and special is on its way.

If you look from that angle, Charlie would be a disappointment. But without the baggage of expectations, the film is an average one good for a one time watch. Trying to present a film in a different format, Charlie is a mini road movie where one individual is in search of another.

Tessa who loves freedom and does everything in an “abnormal” way end up in a lodge occupying a room previously occupied by a young man. The identity of this man is a mystery to all and the way he moves along in his life in a total unpredictable nature makes Tessa curious about this guy.

She goes in search of Charlie and the movie basically show her journey and also show the life of some people who are influenced by him.

Martin Prakkat along with his screenplay writer Unni.R has tried to narrate a waferthin storyline in a totally different format. I would say they have succeeded in that mission only partially. As the film approached the finishing stages, I was expecting something different and that didn’t happen. Though I liked the ending, a feel of an abrupt ending was felt.

The film takes some time to get some life into it. Slowness is there that acts as a major barrier in taking the film forward. The latter half begins well and on a personal note, loved that scene where our hero does something that was a major delight for the fans of Dulquer. What it is, well I don’t want to be your party spolier.

One of the major factor that played a part in creating a big buzz before the release was the bearded appearance of Dulquer Salman that brought out some guessings that he is playing a larger than life role.

Nothing of that sort here. Charlie our title protagonist is an ordinary man living life in a casual way spreading happiness in the life of others. He has done the job given to him with sincerity and was able to pull himself up with an effort as per the demands of the character.

Parvathy who is one of the highly successful actress in the recent times enjoying a success wave is back pairing Dulquer. She didn’t disappoint either and the first half has her enjoying more screen presence than our hero who takes over from the latter half.

Aparna Gopinath, the other heroine does not have a major role to play. Nedumudi Venu and his flashback story made a good impact. Shoubin Shahir was in a small role but even then he made his presence felt. Supporting roles for Chemban Vinod, KPAC Lalitha, Kalpana and Tovino Thomas.

Jomon.T.John as usual with his camera gave the film a different visual experience. Gobi Sundar’s background score was notable and among the songs not all of them could make its say to my favourite list. Loved that title song and would like it to hear it again.

Charlie is not everyone’s cup of tea. Leave all your expectations back home and then try watching it. For me it was an average film. The treatment is different but the content is not big with an uneven pace that acts as a roadblock . I am going with two and a half out of five for Charlie.

Rating – 2.5 / 5

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