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Ente Pizha | New Malayalam Short Film | By Praveen James Samuel

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Ente Pizha – A movie which deals with unknown reality of our carelessness or lack of helping mind. A social relevant subject which could be an eye opener for sociality.
The theme of this movie is to remind each one of us to “Don’t make others to pay for your mistakes, Lend a hand when its most needed”.
Direction, Camera and Story : Praveen James Samuel
Assitant Directors: Bindhya ER, Abhiram Sudheer.
Assistant Cameraman: Ben George
Music – orginal Score: Sejo John
Executive Producer: Nithiya Komu
Script: Shan Kurian
Editor: Vineep Krishnan
Associate Director; Binu Mathew
Make up: Abhilash Vallyakunnu
Costume: Mohamed Rafi Varamangalath
Travel: Paul T Kurian
Light Unit: Mother Land
Sound FX: Akhil lal Media
Sound Editor: Siddhartha MCM, Manoj MCM
Dubbing: Deepa Mariam, Mohamed Rafi, Sarath Krishna
Title Sketch: Clint Elias
V FX: SreeHari
Posters: Terrance Dominic
Production Designer: Anoop Joy
Production Executive: Thaseef Kallingal
Production Controller: Nirmal B Nair
Financial Coordinator: Deepa Mariam, Rony Paul
DI- Colorist: Majush James (Vietnam)
Vishnu V Pilla,
Aneesha Ummar
Anna Prasd
Deepa Mariam
Timothy Sam
Aneesha Thaseef
Thaseef Kallingal
Thamanna Thaseef
Sreenath Krishnankutty
Bhindhya ER
Nirmal B Nair

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